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Lars Larson graduated from IUPUI with a Master's Degree in Media Arts & Science, with an emphasis on using data visualization to create virtual reality environments.

From a very young age, Lars has loved learning about science, history, and cultures. In elementary school his favorite television programs were Jacque Cousteau documentaries, "Connections" with James Burke, and "NOVA." As a youth he lived in the Philippines, where he learned a language and became comfortable in another culture.

Lars also loves the outdoors, having done a bit of backpacking, kayaking, and camping. He takes his camera on every trip. "I love being out and doing things, but for me, it's about the image. It's important to have good visual documentation," he says.

This project has allowed Lars to combine his interests in the outdoors, history, culture, photography, and visual media.

"I am excited to be able to combine so many of my interests into a project that is not only relevant, but beautiful. It has been a very interesting experience."

Lars lives in Avon, Indiana, with his wife and three children.